Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Grocery Game - Week of 2/3/2008

More cherry-picking this week...............and I got 12 candy bars!

Shelf Price: $121
Spent: $61
Saved: $60 (50%)

2008 Cumulative Shelf Price: $928
2008 Cumulative Spent: $400
2008 Cumulative Saved: $528(57%)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grocery Game - Week of 1/27/2008

Well, this week, the list wasn't that great, and I did not spend much at the grocery store because I decided to spend a part of this week's grocery budget on a newer bigger crock pot! The COOL thing is..................I have an AWESOME stock pile! Grocery Gamers call this "cherry picking": only buying the really GREAT deals because you already have so much stuff in your stock pile.

So here are this weeks totals:

Shelf Price: $74
Spent: $39
Saved: $35 (47%)

2008 Cumulative Shelf Price: $807
2008 Cumulative Spent: $339
2008 Cumulative Saved: $468(58%)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Christmas 2007

Wiggles in training..................

I told "Santa" he wasn't ready for markers...............

Big boy underwear.............thanks Santa!

A "REAL" guitar from Santa!

Painting sugar cookies........YUM!

A letter from Santa in my stocking. I was a good boy!!!

Lest you think my whole focus is grocery shopping.......I did want to post some pics from Christmas. This was the toddler's first year to GET Christmas. He was so excited about Santa, snowmen, Jingle Bell Rock, candy canes, The Night Before Christmas, Christmas lights.............all except opening presents. He would rather play with the first one he gets and doesn't want to be bothered with opening the rest!

Grocery Game - Week of 1/20/2008

Okay, okay..........I got on the ball and shopped a day earlier this week because I wanted to beat all the other Pearland Grocery Gamers who keep hitting the stores before me and buying up all the free stuff!!! Today I only missed out on free Worcestire sauce.......2 of 'em!

I ROCKED today! I shopped Target, Randall's and Kroger and got LOTS of free stuff: 2 boxes Kleenex, 3 free candy bars, 2 mustards, 2 hot sauces, 4 Ramen noodles, 5 bags Chex Mix!!!!!!!!!

For dirt cheap: 10 boxes granola bars, rice mixes, 3 boxes Electrosol for $0.41 each!, 4 Wish Bone Spritzer Salad Dressings, 6 Ranch Dressings, 2 taco seasonings, Jalapenos, and salsa!

So, here are this weeks totals.......................are you sitting down???????/

Shelf Price: $233
Spent: $66
Saved: $167 (71%)

2008 Cumulative Shelf Price: $734
2008 Cumulative Spent: $300
2008 Cumulative Saved: $434 (59%)

Yes, I am a big DORK who keeps an Excel spreadsheet with all this cool info..........and yes, it is hard to act COOL while I am being checked out. I just want to yell, "CAN YOU BELIEVE I AM SAVING SOOO MUCH MONEY???!!!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grocery Game - Week of 1/13/2008

Wow! I was so surprised I did not go over budget this week(Bunco is at my house this Thursday and I am serving Taco Stack-O). I actually had $5 left! And, I received $4 off my next visit to Kroger. Free stuff: 3 packages Alieve (24 tablets each), 2 packages Revlon emery boards, 24 bottles Kroger water.Yeah!

Shelf Price: $189
Spent: $95
Saved: $94

2008 Cumulative Shelf Price: $501
2008 Cumulative Spent: $234
2008 Cumulative Saved: $267

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grocery Game - Week of 1/6/2008

Happy New Year!

Today marked my first grocery shopping trip of 2008!!! I am planning on tracking my savings this year on an Excel spreadsheet and posting my totals here on Manda's Blog.

This afternoon I shopped Kroger, and Ryan shopped Randall's this evening. We got lots of groceries including free stuff! I got 3 more FREE hand soaps to add to my collection and 2 free Johnson Buddies bar soaps for Jacob. I love the Grocery Game! If you would like to try it out for $1, please use me as a referral: manda_teacher_tx@msn.com

So, here are today's numbers:

Shelf Price: $312
Spent: $139
Saved: $173

Making 2008 GREAT with the Grocery Game!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A sad day.......

Saturdays are my favorite because other than it being a day off to spend time with my boys, it is the day that the Grocery Game LIST comes out! Normally, I stop off at the 99cent store just a block from my house to buy my early Sunday Edition of the Houston Chronicle...............which has all the coupons!!!!!!!!! Normally, this paper costs $1.75, and I buy 2 so that I can get 2 sets of coupons (and Laurie gives me her set, too.........thanks Ya Ya!). But, lucky for me, I live by the 99cent store that sells the papers for............you guessed it, 99 cents! Each! That is a savings of $1.50!

So, today, like any other Saturday, I take a trip to the 99cent store to find them packing up and CLOSING!!!!! And, they are not selling the paper today!! Or tomorrow! OR EVER AGAIN!! And there are supposed to be 6 coupon inserts in each paper this week. I am crushed. Farewell 99cent store. It was good while it lasted. Except for the time we bought Macaroni and Cheese that had bugs in it.